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from on 10/12/2020
I decided to use all my teas from The proper tea company when Covid 19 rules started in I have many varieties ..having been buying their teas since Rye Farmers market 2013...
I have loved this Rose flavoured green tea.. the description on the pack is spot on...
The whole process of opening the pack and smelling the aroma to boiling the fresh water to correct temperature and brewing time...siting to relax with the cup of tea is delightful...
So good having a tea that does taste of the correct balance.
5 star with reservation - update...
from on 20/10/2020
I originally reviewed this tea and found it too rose flavoured, however, I've now found that if I mix it wioth the Jade Oolong it's delicious. So, that's what I do...
It's ok
from on 09/09/2019
I was looking forward to giving this a go but I'm afraid the rose scent overwhelms the tea. I've had to make it very weak in order to enjoy it otherwise it's like drinking perfume. I still like the idea of the rose tea but the rose perfume needs to be significantly reduced to make it properly enjoyable.

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